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Monday, February 14, 2005

Tina, Age 13 by Nobu, Age 34

Tina, Age 13. I remember seeing these guys in San Francisco, at the Thirsty Swede on Haight Street. This was April 1994, I was in town with friends Volume Dealers and God's Guts, whom were playing a few dates in the Bay Area. Anyway, it was an off night for the two bands, so some of us decided to check out the Garlic Boys, another Japanese band on tour.
We show up at the club (which turned out to be this tiny bar/room) to a feedback/scream fest. A trio was on stage, the guitarist sporting a shaved head and playing what looked like to be the cheapest looking flying-v sold on the market. Totally out-of-tune, but somehow melodic? I was impressed, though a lot of my friends weren't.

Tina, Age 13
Empty Daisy Field
The Alcoholic Father Of My Inner Child EP (buy used Cheap!)
Broken Rekids 1995

That was from their 10" EP (packaged in a 12" sleeve), which was (somewhat) more produced and in-tune than...

Tina, Age 13
Sunday Morning
Pop Songs For Our Friends 7" EP
Broken Rekids 1994

"3 of 18 songs recorded in 6 hours...no instrumental overdubs"

Who would've noticed?

Tina, Age 13 also released 2 other art-damaged 7"s and a split single with Ovarian Trolley (remember them?) An unreleased album exists, who knows if it'll ever come out? Anyone?

1. Art from the bassist here and there.
2. I have no idea if we stayed for the Garlic Boys...no recollection...nothing! God's Guts and Volume Dealers played with them a few days later at Gilman, though. The tour was a blast!: hanging out at the Hickey mansion, El Farolito burritos/breakfast at Art's Cafe, Biafra coming to one of the shows, almost getting killed due to Sugai-kun's driving...plus, I got to see Jawbreaker! Thanks Devon+Jimbo for setting it up!
3. Happy Valentines!


Blogger ellenwon said...

Nobu, age 34, huh? The "k" in your email wouldn't happen to stand for "Kamiyama," would it?

4:17 AM, March 07, 2006

Blogger Aesop said...

Good times, Bad times. All times

Aesop of Hickey

10:38 PM, January 16, 2009

Anonymous peeblo said...

i like how he called the hickey hotel a mansion. im imagining chubby smoking a bowl in the non-existant grotto.


5:59 AM, May 16, 2010


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